The Garden Cider Company will be referred to in this document as ‘TGCC’
  1. To take part in our cider co-operative you must be:
    1. Over 18
    2. A fully registered member with a valid email address (details contained on the website)
    3. Supply fruit untreated with pesticides
  2. The cider entitlement is worked out before the start of each season and can vary between seasons. All members will be made aware of the return in cider from apples before delivery is made and again during delivery. Members will receive an emailed receipt after delivery. In simple terms there is a choice of returned cider either as bottled, carbonated cider or still boxed cider. The return in boxed cider is always greater than the return in bottled cider. Premium paid membership allows a mixed return of boxes and bottles. Premium paid membership freezes the entitlement at the rate when the membership was taken out and for the duration of the paid membership.
  3. TGCC will not be held responsible for the provision of cider or juice if a receipt cannot be provided on request. Although we will make every effort to ensure that each request is investigated and thus validated.
  4. Any cider or juice supplied to the member is for the purpose of personal consumption between family and friends. Your cider is not for re-sale without permission from TGCC.
  5. TGCC will endeavour to supply the member with their entitlement of cider/juice within one year of the anniversary of the member supplying the apples from the preceding season.
  6. TGCC will not be held responsible for the non-provision of any members cider or juice for whatever reason.
  7. If a member wishes to donate a quantity of apples in excess of 2 metric tonnes in one season it is required you notify TGCC in advance.
  8. We reserve the right to provide different packaging and sizes of glass/plastic bottles or boxes without notice.